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In this kit we challenge children to think, in a creative way, how they see their family. The idea is for children to play with their own family, tell stories, do small theaters or even send messages to the family. Use your imagination!

<p>Order content:</p>

<ul><li>Offer: Organic cotton bag</li><li>Set of wooden toy (with the figures you chose when ordering), a paint kit with 6 colored mineral pigments (brown, red, orange, yellow, green and blue) and also a bamboo brush (optional). </li><li>Wooden support</li><li>Made with great care that's why we need 3 days to prepare the kit</li></ul>

<p>How to proceed with your order:</p>

<ul><li>Select the number of figures you want and for that you must select the winiwe product and increase the number until the total you want</li><li>In the note field indicate the IDs and quantities you want to order</li></ul>


  • Dimensions:

    [Palm ]Height:19cm/ [Cactus ]Height:18,2cm/ [ Dad]Height:17cm/ [Mum] Height:17cm/ [Cat] Height:5,5cm/ [Dog] Height:4,2cm/ [Girl1_M] Height:13,4cm/ [Girl1_S] Height:12,6cm/ [Girl2_M ]Height:13,3cm/ [Girl2_S] Height:12,6cm/ [Girl3_M] Height:13,3cm/ [Girl3_S] Height:12,6cm/ [Boy1_M] Height:13,6cm/ [Boy1_S] Height:13cm/ [Boy2_M] Height:13,4cm/ [Boy2_S] Height:12,5cm/ [Boy3_M] Height:13,4cm/ [Boy3_S]Height:12,7cm/

  • Materials:

    Structure: Pine
    Paint: Paint certified for toys EN71-3
    Finishing: Oil without solvent, natural and eco. Tested EN71-3

  • About me:

    Choose more quality and less quantity. Wooden toys are an excellent choice for those looking to live in balance with nature and a safe environment for children. Using directly the raw material that nature gives us, without chemicals or other substances, we are also part of the circular economy, planting trees in partnership with the association Plantar uma Árvore. Wooden toys, as they are simple pieces, stimulate children's creativity, from a simple piece the child can recreate stories or imitate what they see their parents do, in addition it is a great investment because they are usually more resistant toys that can pass on to brother, cousin, friend, ….


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