Payment Methods

The following payment methods are available:

Paypal: Available in more than 200 countries worldwide and with support for 25 currencies, PayPal is one of the leaders in the field of digital online payments. Paypal allows you to pay with your preferred payment option (credit card or PayPal balance). When choosing this option at the time of payment, you will be redirected to the Paypal website where you must complete the payment. It will be shared with Paypal (name, delivery address, phone and email)

MBWay: MBWay requests are sent directly to the user's application where it is necessary to simply accept or reject payment in a short period of time. Your data will be shared with the EuPago payment portal for integration with the MBWay platform.

ATM reference: Through the EuPago payment portal, you can pay by ATM reference. When you complete the purchase, you will be provided with a ATM reference on the screen, which will also be sent to the email you specified. You will have 3 working days to complete the payment, if after that period you have not completed the payment the order will be canceled. Your data will be transmitted to the company that processes the references for payment.